Amy M. Burns

Elementary Music Technology and Integration

Amy M. Burns has taught PreK-grade 4 general music for over 20 years at Far Hills Country Day School. She has authored 3 books on how to integrate tech into the elementary music classroom. She has presented many sessions on the topic, including 3 keynote addresses in TX, IN, and AU. She is the recipient of the TI:ME Teacher of the Year, NJ Master Music Teacher, Governor’s Leader in Arts Education, and the NJ Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year Awards.

Performance: 1st Grade Singing a Three-Part Round

My first graders love to challenge themselves by singing rounds. When I introduced the song, "Sweetly Sings the Donkey," from 150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching by Edward Bolkovac & Judith Johnson - Boosey & Hawkes, my students loved the challenge of performing a three-part round. In this song, they were also introduced to "do" and the interval of sol-do. 

This was recorded by one of my first graders using an iPad mini and the internal microphone.


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