Amy M. Burns

Elementary Music Technology and Integration

Amy M. Burns has taught PreK-grade 4 general music for 20 years at Far Hills Country Day School. She has authored 3 books on how to integrate tech into the elementary music classroom. She has presented many sessions on the topic, including 2 keynote addresses in TX and AU. She is the recipient of the TI:ME Teacher of the Year, NJ Master Music Teacher, & Governor’s Leader in Arts Education Awards.

Elementary Teacher workshops


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NJSMA Elementary Division Presents "it's elementary my dear!"

Saturday, February 25

Session: "Technology in the Elementary Music Classroom" - Amy will show how to enhance the elementary music classroom with iPads, Chromebooks, and SMART Boards!

iPads in the Elementary Music Classroom:

Participants will utilize numerous apps that range from teacher tools, to a classroom with one iPad, to a 1:1 music classroom.

SMART Board in the Elementary Music Classroom:

Participants will learn the benefits of the SMART Board from the basics of using it as a glorified projector to the advanced of creating lesson manipulatives and using the collaboration tools.

Free Internet Resources for the Elemenetary Music Educator:

There are numerous free resources that can assist elementary music educators in many ways. From finding free lesson plans to using free tech integration tools, participants will leave this workshop with at least one new resource for their music classrooms. 

Using Technology to Assess in the Elementary Music Classroom:

Technology has made assessment more effective, especially for music educators who teach 100+ students a week. This workshop will give elementary music educators many ways to assess students that vary from one device to multiple devices. 

Technology Integration in the Elementary Music Classroom:

This workshop shows a variety of ways that technology can be integrated into the elementary music classroom to help achieve creating music, performing music, responding to music, and connecting to music

Integrating Across the Curriculum: Using Technology to Integrate Elementary General Music with Other Subjects

If you have been asked to show how you integrate your elementary music classes with other subjects, this is the workshop for you! Participants will learn how technology can assist with integration while keeping the music curriculum in tact.

The new book looks WONDERFUL Amy!! Bravo!!! Amy was a huge inspiration to me! - Daniel Beale

“I know we submit evaluations on our instructors, but I really felt it necessary to take it one step further. Amy Burns was fantastic. She was so kind and patient with those learning some of the technology, was so insightful on teaching with technology, and encouraging!” - CCSU Student

“I feel good! Everything is beginning to come together and I now feel that I’ll be able to implement much of what we have done in the fall.”

“I can’t believe the new level of teaching the information that I’m learning will take me to.”

“Amazing—I am psyched with the info that I have from today. Thank you so much for everything!!!”


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