Amy M. Burns

Elementary Music Technology and Integration

Amy M. Burns has taught PreK-grade 4 general music for over 20 years at Far Hills Country Day School. She has authored 3 books on how to integrate tech into the elementary music classroom. She has presented many sessions on the topic, including 3 keynote addresses in TX, IN, and AU. She is the recipient of the TI:ME Teacher of the Year, NJ Master Music Teacher, Governor’s Leader in Arts Education, and the NJ Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year Awards.

PreK/K: Features from Mrs. Burns's Music Classroom

PreK Unit: Carnival of the Animals

In the spring, the PreK music classes prepare for a Grandparents’ Day Concert. This concert will feature a cross-curricular theme such as songs about numbers, or books, or around the world. Once the concert is completed, I introduce Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of the Animals

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Integrate Across the Curriculum: Making a Book Come to Life

In kindergarten music class, we incorporate reading and identifying sight words in music literature. One of their favorite books is Eric Litman’s Pete the Cat. Last year, we performed two books from the series that emphasized singing, acting, math, and reading. 

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Math and Kindergarten/1st Grade: Using Groovy Music to Show Form in Kindergarten/1st Grade Music Class

In K and 1, the music educator and students can use the cloud-based software from MusicFirst called Groovy Music to create music. Consider this a “GarageBand” for younger students. 

Using Groovy Shapes, music educators can reinforce shapes, colors and patterns while having the students create a song in a guided form. The students also experience musical terms such as dynamics, tempo, melodies, bass, chords, and more.  

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