Amy M. Burns

Elementary Music Technology and Integration

Amy M. Burns has taught PreK-grade 4 general music for over 20 years at Far Hills Country Day School. She has authored three books on how to integrate tech into the elementary music classroom. She has presented many sessions on the topic, including four keynote addresses in TX, IN, St. Maarten, and AU. She is the recipient of the 2005 TI:ME Teacher of the Year, 2016 NJ Master Music Teacher, 2016 Governor’s Leader in Arts Education, and the 2017 NJ Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year Awards.



This page is for elementary educators in Sint Maarten.



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Music Creation





Pilot teachers

Set Up Garageband for a Podcast


  • To begin a vocal track, launch GarageBand. Click the + button on the top right-hand side.

  • Make sure you are in the "Tracks" tab.

  • Swipe through until you find "Audio Recorder."

  • Now press the + button on the right-hand side, click on "8 bars", turn on "Automatic", and click back into the track view screen.

  • You are ready to record. Turn the blues metronome off and click on the red record button.


Media with Music/Scoring Movies/Flipping the Classroom/Digital Portfolios


Music activities


Assessment and Organization:

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Free Technology Handout



Technology Integration Handout



iPad Lessons Handout      

iPad Lessons Handout



 More Resources for Music Educators Handout      

 More Resources for Music Educators Handout



GarageBand - 10+ Lesson Ideas       

GarageBand - 10+ Lesson Ideas 



Pilot Teachers Workshop Handout      

Pilot Teachers Workshop Handout



Technology Certificate of Completion

Technology Certificate of Completion


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